What Was She Thinking?

Jessica (10) is my eldest and she is quite a character.  She is smart, has a fantastic memory, and loves trivia.  She is very responsible, helpful and dependable.  She is funny and quirky and a bit of a nerd.  I am not sure how she manages to be so intelligent and still run short on common sense sometimes.  She tends to take things very literally which can end up with very hilarious situations.  A good example of this occurred at a recent church activity and I felt compelled to share it here on the blog.

It is a custom serve iced tea and coffee at our church dinners.  For those who don’t care for tea or coffee we also offer soft drinks out of our soda machine.  Folks may have their first soft drink free of charge. After that each can of soda costs .50 cents.  Such was the case at a party held recently in our church dining hall.  Our pastor prayed for the meal and then announced “The soda machine is open. The first drink is free, after that they are .50 cents.”.


Jessica went through the line and fixed her plate of refreshments and then came to me and requested .50 cents for a drink.  I was shocked that she had already consumed one can of soda.  I said “why do you need to buy a soda already?  You haven’t even eaten your food”.  She explained that she hadn’t had a soda yet.  I told her “Go get a soda from the machine. You don’t need any money. Pastor said the first one is free”.   She looked exasperated and said “But Mom, Allen got the first soda!”.

Allen is a guy in our congregation and apparently he was the first one who took a soda from the machine.  I had to laugh.  I suppose in her mind she pictured everyone racing to the machine to retrieve the first and only free drink.   Needless to say, everyone at the party got a good laugh and Jess got a free Dr. Pepper.

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