Time For Twins!

 As a homeschool family we consider just about everything a learning experience. It’s so easy to make day to day tasks into educational opportunities.  With that in mind we decided to give our older two children some responsibilities of their own.  We gave them a set of female goat twins for their birthdays.  They are such cute little critters and so fiesty!  Jessica immediately decided that she wanted to name her little one “Heidi”.  Levi thought long and hard about his name and finally reached the conclusion that his little brown baby would be named “Seekie”.  Now we have quite a pair… Heidi & Seekie.  We have only had them for a few days but they are already warming up to the kids and if they see us in the doorway the come running to the porch.  I am looking forward to seeing the kids take care of these two babies.  Hopefully they will learn to care and nurture something that is smaller and weaker than them.  I think they are already enjoying the responsibility and knowing that these tiny gals are depending on them just makes them want to try that much harder.  

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