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Who ever heard of Plantology?

Licensed Plantologists

It amazes me sometimes how Jessica (9) will fight all day long with Levi (6) but at the same time can play so well with Judah (4).  You would think that she would prefer to play with someone closer to her own age.  Not so!  After endless days of observing these two, I have reached conclusion as to why they are so compatible. Judah thinks Jessica is so awesome that he will do what ever the bossy older sister tells him to. She can dress him up and tell him what to do or say and he will happily oblige.  A few days ago she marched him into the living room where I was and together they informed me that they were “Licensed Plantologists” and set forth trying convince me to let them go outside in this get-up to “catalog” the plants in our yard.  After some pretty heavy persuasion I finally agreed and for the next two hours they dug, planted, sorted, piled and plucked everything that resembled plant life.  Some may argue that there is no such thing as “plantology” and these two children were just wasting their time.  Personally, I like to think that inspiring their little imaginations is just as educational as studying a book on botany.  Who said learning can’t be fun?!




Can’t Get No “Cooperation”

It has been a very lazy week for our family. The remnants of these horrible chest colds will not leave and we are all hacking, coughing and sniffling and it seems that it may just last forever. There’s really nothing like a night of coughing to kick motivation to the curb.  Good intentions have been set aside for fuzzy blankets and cartoons while we all do our best to recover.  The week is now ending and there is warm weather in our forecast and with that news came a very dim spark of energy. I gathered the kids together for a “meeting” and informed them that after lunch we were going to do a bit of housework. I had them all raise their right hands and pledge to “cooperate”.  Judah, my youngest (4), can NOT say the word.  It was hilarious to see the bewildered look on his face each time he pledged to “ohcockerate”.  Needless to say, our meeting ended with fits of giggles and we still have a messy playroom. 


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