My Family

I fell in love with Jonathan when I was a little girl. He was the class clown and was always making people laugh.  He was popular, athletic, ornery and good lookin’. We have had ups and downs, good times and hard times, but God has a way of making all things work for our good.

Jonathan is one of those guys that everybody loves. He is generous. He is loyal.  He is a great friend… to everyone.  He can do anything and is always finding new challenges.  He can build a house from the ground up and he can build the furniture to go inside it.  He can play any sport and win.  He can play drums. He can surf. He can act.  He can shoot.  He can take a car apart and put it all back together. He can cook bacon.  He can fish.  He can change diapers and he is an awesome labor coach.

Jonathan works as an operator in the oil industry and his job makes my job possible.  We make some sacrifices by living on a single income but there has never been a day when it wasn’t worth it.  He takes good care of me.  He is an incredible father and the best husband a girl could ever want.  He is mine.




Jessica Ryanne is my firstborn.  After a perfect pregnancy, she arrived in the fall of 2003 and she was the “perfect baby” in every way.  She never gave me one ounce of trouble.  She slept well.  Never cried for a paci.  Never put things in her mouth. Potty trained in a matter of days. Gave up her bottle without a fuss.  Rode in her car seat without crying. Never bothered things that were a “no-no”.   Never made a mess with her food.  She was a freak of nature.  She is now twelve years old and she is not only my helper but she has turned out to be my friend.  She is outgoing and loves to meet new people. She loves to go shopping and have “Girl Days”.   She is a bookworm and spends hours reading. When she isn’t reading she is writing stories and dreaming about one day publishing her own novel.  She loves Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and considers them close, personal friends. She has a pet cockatiel named “Skippy”.  She can swim like a fish and sing like a bird and she is not inhibited in the least. She can memorize anything.  She is imaginative, skinny,  thoughtful, awkward, creative, nerdy and independent.  She is my “Jezzie” and she is fabulous.



Levi Douglas came in the fall of 2006. His older sister named him “Brownie” and it stuck.  He had a head full of crazy black hair and the sweetest little grin. He was born climbing and has never sat still for longer than five minutes in his entire life.  He could climb to the top of the dining room table before he could walk.  When he was tiny we joked that we should have named him “Levi Get-Down” because we said that SO much.  Levi is 9 years old now and he is very much like his father.  He loves to be outside. He loves to catch bugs. He can do backflips on the trampoline and ride a bike without training wheels. He can shoot flies with a bow and arrow. He is an excellent fisherman and loves to go hunting and camping. He has a pet iguana named “Jasper”. He spends hours swimming in the pool and he loves to golf.  He’s a hard worker and proud “Mr. Fix-it” like his daddy. He is often busy working on drawers and door knobs around the house. He collects pocket knives and loves to shoot guns and bows. He loves anything camouflage. He is my best eater and will trade cookies for cucumbers any day.  He takes everything very literally so if you tell him you’re “pulling his leg” he is going to look and see.  He is a little man and a protector. He is sweet, tender hearted and serious.   He is my “Brownie Boy” and he is amazing.



Judah Michael is my third and he is certainly a “charm”.  He was born in the fall of 2008 and he was blue eyed, fat and bald. This child is just spunky. He is a blur of energy and noise. Judah never walks anywhere. He goes full speed… all the time. He loves making “dirt angels” and getting filthy.  He loves to snuggle. He loves to make people laugh and is always up to “something”.  When he is happy, he is delirious and when he is mad… watch out.  He is stocky, he is strong and he is fast.  He says the silliest things and he loves telling jokes.  Believe it or not, he can belly dance.  He is a technology freak. He has been playing games on my “pone” since before he was 2.  Now he is 7 years old and he loves to play games on the X-Box, computer and the iPad. He taught himself to read.  He likes to swim and he loves to build things. He will play with legos for hours on end.  He likes bananas, gummy snacks and popcicles. He is high spirited, huggable and hilarious.  He is my “Judah Boodah” and he is awesome.



Bella Selah is known far and wide as “The Sidewinder”.  She is the youngest of the four. She was born at Christmas time in 2011 and she weighed in at a record 8.12.. She is the sweetest little lady and she is the boss. She has wonderful curly hair. She is my buddy and always likes to be with Mom. She enjoys shopping, jumping on the trampoline and swimming in the pool “with no floatie”. She likes to help cook and put the laundry away.  She’s a big fan of tiny carrots, Pepsi, corn on the cob and gooey cinnamon rolls.  She spends hours taking “lovely warm baths”.  She loves to be outside and she has a soft spot for kittens.  She likes to sing, buy shoes and play with play doh.  She loves dirt and the color pink.  She loves reading story books, playing on her pink iPad, and she loves to be the center of attention.  She is sweet, snuggly and adorable.  She is my “Bella Boo” and she is incredible.





 That’s Us!

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