Listen To The Little People

1069222_10151493370457256_1039752484_nToday I have been busy trying to conquer my laundry mountain and my little shadow Judah (4),  has been singing all morning while following me around the house.  The song on his heart today may sound familiar.  It goes like this,  “A sunbean – a sunbean – Jesus wants me for a sunbean – A sunbean – a sunbean – I’ll be a sunbean for Hiiiiim“.  I finally asked him “What IS a sunbean”?  He explained that “It is a bean that grows up into a sun”. “And this is what Jesus wants you to be?” I asked. He promptly replied  “Yes, you know like… (singing) A seed goes in the ground – and soon you will see – that I begin to grow – and do the word of God …“.

It’s amazing the information that you can acquire by paying attention to the little ones who live with you.  We as adults get so busy that we often tune out their chatter while we concentrate on more “important” tasks.  The constant drone of little voices fades into the background of our daily lives and we often miss little snippets of childish wisdom.  I try to pause every chance I get and just listen to what is actually being said by these little people and sometimes their conversations are just awesome. Sometimes you can see reflections of yourself as a child. Sometimes you hear things that upset you.  Sometimes you get a good laugh.  Sometimes you learn a little lesson.  But one thing is certain…

it is ALWAYS entertaining.

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