I Love This Stuff!

Okay so many of us stay at home moms also fancy ourselves as interior decorators.  If you’re like me this means that you have a lot of silk flowers, plants or trees in your home. (Because seriously, who has time for REAL ones?) Well those are all very lovely until they get dusty and then they become a bit of an eyesore that no one wants to attempt to clean. I have tried several methods that usually make a huge mess and leave me with a muddy plant and a pile of frustration.  NO MORE!  I have found an amazing miracle in a bottle that will clean those nasty silks in minutes with NO scrubbing at all.  I found it in Wal-mart (of all places) way up on the top shelf,  hidden with all the florist supplies on the craft aisle.  I bought the bottle for about $5 and figured it was worth a try. All you do spray the silk plant until the leaves are soaked, shake it a little and then walk away.  It will dry in approximately 10 minutes and your plants will look amazing! (If they are particularly nasty you may want to apply the product more than once. ) You can do this outdoors or inside the house.  The smell is not bad but you will want to put something under the plant to protect your floors because the leaves will drip.  I was a skeptic when I bought it but now I am a believer!  I will never try to wash those silks again!

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