Halloween Hysteria

We always have such a great time at Halloween.  Costume selection starts very early around our place. We like to choose costumes and characters that no one else would think of.  We like to go all out and we very rarely go with costumes off the shelf. In those cases where we do use store bought costumes we usually add our own embellishments to make each of them different and unique.  This year the holiday crept up on us in the middle of several other projects we had going.  I was not able to put as much time into it as I would have liked to but I don’t think the kids minded too much.  They received so many complements on their outfits and brought home WAY too much candy!  I sincerely hope all of my readers enjoyed their Halloween festivities as much as we did.

Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera


Levi was introduced to The Phantom Of The Opera this year and he decided that he wanted to be the Opera Ghost for Halloween.  This has always been one of my very favorites so I was thrilled when he picked this costume!  He looked so cute and really got into the character.

Christine Daae

Christine Daae




Jessica is the one who first introduced Levi to the Phantom.  She loves the music from the play and has been singing it for months.  I was not at all shocked when she chose to be Christine Daae this year.  She has watched the movie of the The Phantom so many times that she almost has the whole thing memorized

Jessica & Levi

Judah as Mike Wazowski

Judah as Mike Wazowski

Judah decided that he wanted to be Mike Wazowski from Monster’s Inc..  Judah’s costumes are ALWAYS the most challenging.  He has a crazy imagination and the silliest ideas. Last year he was a Lego Man and that costume was a “doozie” to create.  I was not sure how to even begin creating Mike.  I looked online for costumes but could not find anything that looked good.  On a quick shopping trip out of town I stumbled across this costume and it was perfect.  We made a few minor adjustments to it and he was satisfied. Hallelujah!


Bella as 'The Fox"

Bella as ‘The Fox”

I was not planning to dress Bella in a costume this year because I figured it would be a little too cold and she would probably not enjoy the whole Trick Or Treat thing.  The kids and I found this costume at the last minute.  They all love the popular song “What Does The Fox Say” and thought this would be perfect for Bella.  She LOVED it.  She was a Trick Or Treat pro and was deliriously happy with all the suckers she brought home!




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