Frightfully Funny

So every year my husband asks and every year I tell him “no”. But this year our two eldest were talking a big game so I caved and let him drag out his ginormous mask. (Those who have seen it know it is bad wicked). So he suited himself all up and stomped into the living room and let out a loud roar. Levi curled up in a fetal position in the floor and Jess screamed like she was dying. 30 minutes later…still crying and vowing to never speak to him again.

Judah (who is only 4) heard all the commotion and insisted that Daddy scare him with it too. After repeatedly telling him no (for fear of him being terrified) Jonathan finally snuck it back out and did the same to him. Judah fell over backwards giggling hysterically (His father’s child). He then ran to the bathroom where his older brother and sister were hiding and yelled “You can come out now! There aint nothing to be scared of!”.

Not sure if it is a demonstration of bravery or stupidity but the big scary mask didn’t phase the little guy.  Let’s hope this “fearless” nature doesn’t cause me to have more grey hair when he gets a little older!

The Mask

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