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Clear Clutter – Get Paid

Christmas left a swath of devastation in my home that trailed from the front door all the way to the back. I am not one of those OCD people who have to have everything in order at all times but this was just an insane mess.  I spent the week after Christmas trying to function in the chaos while we finished up our end of the year activities.  It made things worse trying to get everyone ready and haul four kids in and out.  We were constantly losing things in the boxes, bags, paper, decorations and piles of priceless “stuff” we had acquired at our 4 Christmases.  I finally reached the breaking point and tore into the mess with a vengeance.

Room by room I cleaned and sorted and threw stuff away and slowly a pile began forming of things that I no longer needed or wanted.  Typically I would haul the pile out on the lawn and have a monster yard sale but that is simply not practical in the middle of January.  Thats when I discovered an awesome tool!  Online Yard Sales!   This is much different than E-bay.  I simply signed on to Facebook and searched for yard sale groups in and around my hometown.  I joined the groups, photographed my items and listed them one by one on the site.  In no time I had people contacting me wanting to take these items off my hands.  I was thrilled!  I didn’t have to spend hours sorting, pricing, setting up tables and boxes.  I simply sat in my pajamas and uploaded pics to Facebook.  In one day I made $168 while sitting in my living room and answering the door.

If you are not a member of an online yard sale group, I strongly urge you to join!  If you cannot locate one in your area then simply open your own page on Facebook and you will be amazed at the traffic that will flock to it.  Clear your clutter a little at a time while you are still in the cleaning process!

It’s like getting paid to clean house and that… is awesome.


The Haunted Hotel

While vacationing in the Ozark Mountains we happened upon the town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.   This was the first time our family had visited this little town and we were more than a little overwhelmed.  It is one of the most unique places I have ever been in my entire life.  It is difficult to explain but I can say with certainty that there just isn’t any other place like it.  While driving around the town we happened upon the Crescent Hotel which is a massive structure that sits high atop a hill overlooking the town.  We were very intrigued so Jess and I decided to take a peek inside while Daddy stayed in the car with the rest of the kids.

Jessica in front of the Crescent Hotel

What we found inside was just incredible.  It felt like we had stepped back into the 1800’s.  The front desk had little cubby holes full of room keys. There was an ice cream parlor, a huge dining room with a wood floor, an enormous fireplace and even a pipe organ.  After some persuading we convinced Daddy to come inside and take a look around the place with us.  The desk attendant assured us that it was fine to tour the hotel and so we did just that. Though the place offers all the best amenities it still feels so “old”.  The floors in the halls are slanted and bowed in places. Old pipes run along the ceilings. The door knobs are in the center of the doors.  Staircases appear in the strangest places and the rooms look like nothing has changed in over 100 years.  It was so intriguing and yet a little erie!

Climbing Creaky Stairs

When we returned to our condo I was still just in awe of the Crescent so I googled it to see what history I could uncover about the place.  I was stunned when I found that this place is actually famous for being haunted!  It has been featured on several television specials and there is a multitude of youtube videos describing different experiences that people have had when they spent the night inside.  I was fascinated and sat up late watching video clips and reading about this place.  I don’t know if I would ever be brave enough to spend the night here but I would love to go back and check it out again now that I know more about it.  If you are ever in the area be sure to peek inside the Crescent Hotel.  You will not be disappointed!



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