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Weight Woes

It’s something every Mommy deals with…  “Baby Weight”.  I don’t care if you weigh 110 pounds or 175 lbs, after baby is born nothing is ever quite the same.

I’ve been extremely lucky with each of my pregnancies and after baby I have always shrunk back to my usual weight.  After baby #4 was born the pounds once again fell off but I found that my clothes just fit differently. Things had “shifted” and after four kids they didn’t appear to be in any hurry to return to normal.  I was not real happy with it but I am a dismal failure when it comes to dieting so I decided it would be better to just live with it.  I don’t drink much soda so that isn’t a problem for me but I do like bread and sweets and butter and things that are not really considered healthy.  To me, if you are going to eat health food you might as well eat dirt.  It tastes just as good.

accelerator-slim1But then I was introduced to Plexus Slim.  I was intrigued for a couple of reasons.  First, because the person who was telling me about it was totally against any form of diet pill or weight loss gimmick. I was shocked that she was actually using Plexus and thrilled with the product. She explained to me that Plexus is all natural and was designed to regulate blood sugar levels and improve overall health.  Something we all need!  Secondly I was interested because she explained to me how much Plexus had improved her energy. My energy was at an all-time low.  Having three kids can deplete your stamina pretty quickly but when you add a new baby to those three kids you can kiss your energy goodbye.

I wasn’t really concerned about weight loss but I was excited to try it for the healthy energy boost!  I was happy to discover that the daily drink was not some strange, chalky shake, but rather a powdered mix dissolved in water. I opened the tiny packet, mixed it with water, poured it over ice and tasted the first sip. I am a VERY picky person so I was surprised to find that I LIKED it!  It tastes similar to red Kool-Aid and the mix was totally dissolved and not floating around in little lumps in my glass like other powdered drink mixes.  I could do this!

Within a week of taking the drink I had a noticeable increase in energy and an equally noticeable decrease in appetite. I felt great and was eating much less and craving water (which is never a bad thing!). I lost approx 10lbs in the first month and that was without any dieting or exercise whatsoever.  I am still wearing the same clothes but they fit much better now and I feel more like my old self again.

Left - Nicole after baby #2. Right - Nicole after 10 weeks on Plexus!

Left – Nicole after baby #2.
Right – Nicole after 10 weeks on Plexus!

I’m excited to report that many of my friends and family are trying Plexus and they are all having a great experience with it as well.  As moms it is important for us to be healthy and energetic but if you are like me and lack the self discipline, lack the time to work out, lack the funds for a personal trainer, then do yourself a favor and try this product. It WORKS and has helped me tremendously.  If you are struggling with weight, even if it’s just losing the 10 pounds that the new baby “blessed” you with, I encourage you to try Plexus!

Nicole after 4 months on Plexus!

Nicole after 4 months on Plexus!


Visit my website to see all the Plexus products (there are many) and be sure to message me if you have any questions. I would love to share more information with you!


(Special thanks to my cousin, Nicole, for allowing me to use her photo! Very proud of your success!  You look fantastic! )


A Unique Gift!

Everyone starts thinking about gifts at this time of the year.  In addition to Christmas and the other special holidays, I also have five birthdays in my household between now and the end of the year.  Once the leaves start falling off the trees I go into full gift shopping mode. I have been trying to do more and more shopping online because shopping with four children is just… hazardous.  While browsing online for unique and affordable gifts, I have found a few website that are just awesome!  I wanted to take a moment and share some of my favorites.  Hopefully this will help other mothers who would rather shop at home in their pajamas than drag their little ones to the mall.


Personalized gifts are super popular right now and I found some adorable gift ideas at I See Me!  This website offers personalized storybooks, puzzles, coloring books, lunch boxes and more! Their prices are fantastic and they have a great selection of themes to choose from.




TTBHoliday_350x230_V2Another great place to find personalized gifts for kids is Ty’s Toy Box! They feature PBS children’s programs and have every character you could possibly imagine.  My daughter is a die hard Elmo fan and she is also obsessed with The Wiggles.  It’s difficult to find some of these characters in the stores but they are ALL at Ty’s and you can have them personalized which is brilliant!


Another great site I found is called Happy Kids Productions.  They have a huge variety of products and their prices are very reasonable.  This company offers discounts fairly often which is great when you have a lot of gifts to buy. Right now you can save 10% on all personalized gifts at Happy Kids!




Hopefully this post has helped at least a few of my readers find some great gift ideas. The hard part for me is now deciding which items to buy when I would rather just get three of everything.


I’m Still Alive!

I have been absent from my blog for almost a month now and I have been missing it.  Several things have been happening in my world lately that has kept me from posting but there is one in particular that I wanted to share.


summersafety_poisonivyIn early June I was attacked by a Poison Ivy plant from hell.  The itchy patches of misery started appearing on my wrist, then above my left eye, then on my chin, down my neck, both arms, my abdomen and both legs.   It was HIDEOUS.  At midnight I left my husband home with the little ones and drove myself to the Emergency  Room in the middle of a storm.  I sat there for an eternity only to find that the only thing they could offer me was a prescription as they were not sure whether I should receive a steroid shot while in the process of weaning my youngest.  The pharmacy was already closed for the evening and so I went back home.  Two days later the prescription appeared to be making things worse. After consulting with my regular doctor I went in for the shots.  They might as well have injected me with water.  It did not change a thing.  The stuff lasted about two weeks and I can honestly say I would rather go through labor than endure one day of that torture.  Ugh…

I have found some interesting ways of  dealing with it and thought I might share a few.

*I tried a foaming soap from the pharmacy called Ivarest which was very soothing and cool.  I used it just before exiting the shower and I was able to go for a long time without any creams or ointments.

* I also used extremely hot water, dial soap and a rough cloth.  That helped much more than the prescription cream the doctor gave me.

* In a fit of extreme desperation I made a paste of white vinegar, coarse kosher salt and baking soda.  I smeared this on the large areas and held a hair dryer (set to high heat) on it for as long as I could bear it.  It sounds extreme but it made an instant difference.

*I also took  Benadryl tablets regularly.  The Dr. had given me a prescription for Clariton but it did not help at all.  The pharmacist suggested the Benadryl and it made a noticeable difference.

I hope none of my readers ever have to deal with this but if you do I sincerely hope this is helpful to you.

Anyway, It’s good to be back!!!





Clear Clutter – Get Paid

Christmas left a swath of devastation in my home that trailed from the front door all the way to the back. I am not one of those OCD people who have to have everything in order at all times but this was just an insane mess.  I spent the week after Christmas trying to function in the chaos while we finished up our end of the year activities.  It made things worse trying to get everyone ready and haul four kids in and out.  We were constantly losing things in the boxes, bags, paper, decorations and piles of priceless “stuff” we had acquired at our 4 Christmases.  I finally reached the breaking point and tore into the mess with a vengeance.

Room by room I cleaned and sorted and threw stuff away and slowly a pile began forming of things that I no longer needed or wanted.  Typically I would haul the pile out on the lawn and have a monster yard sale but that is simply not practical in the middle of January.  Thats when I discovered an awesome tool!  Online Yard Sales!   This is much different than E-bay.  I simply signed on to Facebook and searched for yard sale groups in and around my hometown.  I joined the groups, photographed my items and listed them one by one on the site.  In no time I had people contacting me wanting to take these items off my hands.  I was thrilled!  I didn’t have to spend hours sorting, pricing, setting up tables and boxes.  I simply sat in my pajamas and uploaded pics to Facebook.  In one day I made $168 while sitting in my living room and answering the door.

If you are not a member of an online yard sale group, I strongly urge you to join!  If you cannot locate one in your area then simply open your own page on Facebook and you will be amazed at the traffic that will flock to it.  Clear your clutter a little at a time while you are still in the cleaning process!

It’s like getting paid to clean house and that… is awesome.


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