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While on vacation I took Jessica to the Build-A-Bear Workshop for a little special birthday surprise. We have been there before and though she was highly impressed, I found it a little too expensive.  She located a $5 coupon this time and insisted on going so I gave in and took her to check it out.  I must say I was pleasantly surprised this time around.  The employees were incredibly friendly and when they found out it was her birthday they made an extra effort to make her feel special. The prices were very reasonable and there were animal options as low as $12.  She chose a spotted little puppy and took great pains having her stuffed, giving her a heart, making wishes for her and then giving her a bath.  We chose a Hello Kitty outfit to match the Hello Kitty shirt that Jess was wearing that day and Jess dressed the pup and put bows on her ears.  She made a birth certificate and we were all finished.   When we got to the counter the cashier presented Jess with a birthday surprise and a free cookbook with three adorable cookie cutters.  With our $5 coupon we made a very good haul!  I would highly recommend Build-A-Bear for anyone who is looking for an extra special gift.  It is not just a stuffed animal… its an experience!

Jessica & “Fudge”

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  1. Kimmi February 6, 2013 at 9:19 pm #

    My favorite store! I’ve purchased one for 5 of my 7 nieces and nephews. 2 more to go! They love them and living so far away, they can hear their Aunty Mimmi wishing them Happy Birthday and saying I love you, whenever they want. Very personalized way to make any child feel special!

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