Brains & BooBoos

10606559_10154540591380377_4169801425641453068_nMy youngest child, Bella, is now two years old and she is rarely ever quiet.  We tend to tune out her incessant chatter during important conversations because her voice is always there, in the background, just nattering on about this and that.  But then in those moments when there is a lull in adult conversation, we often pause to see what it is that she is actually talking about.  Sometimes we discover that she is only being preposterous (her word) and other times we discover that she really does have some important information to impart.  This happened a few days ago while we were driving down the road to pick up lunch from our local Subway.

Bella was riding in her seat talking about all the things we were passing in the car when she suddenly looked down to discover a scratch on the top of her foot.  She matter-of-factly stated “Ohhh, Bella dot a booboo. It look-uh like a seven!”.

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