Blood & Stitches

There is rarely a dull moment around our place. Our kids are rowdy and rambunctious. They are fearless climbers and they are always on fast speed. So far I have been very lucky and the injuries have been minor.  A scrape here, a bruise there.  In the past ten years I can count the visits to the E.R. on one hand and more than one of those visits involved ear infections and not injuries. I suppose I have done pretty well.  But it all got real this week when I watched my five year old run across the living room, trip on his own foot and face plant into the corner of the padded leather ottoman. He immediately began crying the “hurt cry”. I ran from the kitchen doorway to the living room and rolled him over to see blood already rolling down his face and into his hair.

Now, the ottoman is heavily padded. There is not one sharp edge on it and that is actually one reason I purchased it.  I prepared myself to see his eyeball dangling from it’s socket but instead I pulled his blood soaked hand away to find an inch and a half hole in his forehead.  It was not a cut.  He had literally busted his head open.



It was deep and blood was pouring so I gathered him in my arms and ran to the kitchen to deposit Judah on the counter.  His older sister ran for a wet cloth and I began trying to stop the blood which was now all over me and him both. With one hand I covered the wound and with the other hand I called for help on my cell phone.  Within a few minutes Daddy and Granny arrived and we rushed my little invalid to the Emergency Room.

10259650_10154053845530377_428934748_nThe poor little guy was so scared but he was such a trooper.  He listened closely to everything the doctor asked him and obliged each request without protest.  He cried big tears when they put three painful injections into the wound but he was super still and didn’t even wiggle.  He came through the ordeal like a little man and left the hospital proudly sporting five neat little stitches over his left eyebrow.



This was a first for me and certainly not an experience I ever want to repeat but I am proud of the fact that I managed to hold back the mommy tears until I got back home.

Word of advice:  If you ever find yourself in this situation I highly recommend that you explain to your child what is happening.


10169184_10154042753935377_1872912383200422954_nYou obviously will need to sugar-coat a lot of the information but it is SO much better when you prepare them and explain what is happening (even if you make it up as you go along).  Judah was fascinated with all the machines and gadgets but he had no clue that they were actually “sewing” him up until we took the bandages off 24 hours later. I talked to him about the blood pressure cuff, the monitor beeping above his head, the cord clipped to his finger, etc.  He laid there with his eyes closed while the doctor put little “bandages” on his “bruise” and chatted with her like it was no big deal.  10152454_10154042755170377_1356761920161693457_n

I know without a doubt that if I had just taken him in and handed him over, he would have been terrified and not nearly as cooperative.  As a Mom you should always remember that these little ones are people too and they can sense your fear. Keep it together and always be absolutely confident about what is going on.  Especially when you have no idea and you are scared out of your mind.

You will get your chance to freak out…. later.

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