About Me

My name is Stella and I am a stay at home mom.

I married my childhood sweetheart, Jonathan, in June of 2001 and we settled down in the same little southeastern Oklahoma town that we were both born in. Time has flown by and now we have four little monsters that we lovingly refer to as our children.  Until I had the first one I really never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I am one of those who went to college but had a horrible time declaring a major because nothing really fit me. After the first little monster was born I knew… this was what I was born to do.

Being a mommy is hard work. The hours are long and the pay is bad. Days are often spent in a t-shirt and pajama pants rather than fancy shoes or business suits.  The noise is constant.  There is no adult conversation. No lunch or coffee breaks. There are often days when I do not even go outdoors. There are fights. There is whining.  There are spills and messes.  There is dirt… lots of dirt.  There are tears. There is poop. There is slobber.  There is always “something”.  And then when the day is over I get to take my work to bed with me.  There is kicking, cover thieves, bad dreams and just when I finally drift into a deep sleep there is always one who wakes up hungry and I get to start the madness all over again.

So why do it?  That one is easy.  I do it because I know without a doubt that no one on the planet will ever be as popular or as needed as “mommy”.  I do it for the silly songs, for the dances in the living room, and for the front row seats at all the “fashion shows”.  I do it for the early morning snuggles and the goodnight kisses.  I do it for the muddy fist full of smashed flowers picked from every corner of our yard.  I do it for the giggles and the little twinkle in those eyes.  I do it for the bubbles at bathtime and the drawings that cover my fridge.  I do it because it’s the most rewarding job in the entire world.

I decided to blog about my experiences when several of my friends started having babies and began to call or text me for advice or information on how to do this or that.  I thought my experiences might help other mommies out there who may be struggling to keep it all together.  Here on my blog you will find a little of everything that a stay-at-home mom is interested in.  Anything from recipes and cool new products to homeschool ideas and cleaning tips all mixed in with stories and experiences from my crazy life.

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